Watch for “RED” to come your way!

Upcoming Impact


  • We are looking for more ways to IMPACT the community by giving funds, time, and support to individuals and groups around Salem and beyond. If you have thoughts and ideas, contact us.


  • West Salem High School
  • More information coming soon
    • 1mpact ONE student
    • 1mpact ONE hour
    • 1mpact ONE school

Where is The Door Impacting our World?

  • SALVATION ARMY — December 2015 – On December 12th – we volunteered to Ring the Bell on the Kohl’s skybridge. We helped them
    raise $639 during this time. Thanks to all that helped. We also collected 1mpact Jars on December 27th. The money raised from this went to sponsoring Shelter and Meal for a
    family through the Salvation Army Gift Catalog. Put these on your calendar for next year.
  • IKE BOX 1MPACT — November 2015 – Our focus for November was IKE BOX. We collected money in 1MPACT jars.
    On Nov 22nd, we held GENEROSITY DAY — Mark and Tiffany Bulgin, founders of IKE Box, joined us and shared part of our Sunday morning message. Our offering went
    to Bulgin’s and Ike Box on that day.
  • October Blessing — October 2015 – Harvest Festival — we collected money and supplies for the month of October.  On October 25th, as part of our Harvest Festival, we put together 100 bags to IMPACT the homeless in the Salem Area.
  • Firefighter Blessing — September 2015 – We  had the privilege of visiting the 9 Salem Fire Stations–to thank them for their sacrifice and service with a book of thank you notes written by people attending services and cookies.  Click link above to see pictures with these heroes.
  • Aug 2nd — Pre-Launch Service — Three Trees Ranch
  • Trip to Bend Nazarene