From Kerrie Palmer – Founding Pastor:

On my sixteenth birthday I attended a teen conference in Aldersgate, Oregon. My friend, Kim, went with me and found a way into the boarded-up-old-run-down “tabernacle.” We knelt together, prayed, and surrendered every part of our life to the work of God. It was a life-changing-faith-marker moment. In the quiet space, as the sun poured into the cracks and holes of the old building, I knew God was directing me to lead a church in the west side of the city of Salem.

I thought it would happen as I was praying. I knew it was the right timing. But. Apparently, I had to live a lot of life to wait for God’s “YES.”

On December 9, 2014, The Red Door leadership team prayed together before meeting with Dr. Stan Reeder, Oregon Pacific Distric Church of the Nazarene District Superintendent, and the New Works Committee. It was a profound moment. We all knew God was present and that God had a plan for us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We received a phone call with a commitment of support and blessing to begin THE RED DOOR Community Church later that day. It was one of those true “mountain-top” experiences, a rare moment in life, that is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed. We did.

Now. The work really begins as we get ready for THE RED DOOR to launch on 9.13.15.

Of course, there have been a lot of questions regarding THE RED DOOR. And. We are doing our best to answer each question. The most often asked question is: “Where did the name, THE RED DOOR, come from?”

Our simple answer is the following: Our name came from the consensus of several 20-something-year-olds. It had been suggested after I shared my story of being welcomed with remarkable love and grace at the first church I attended as a child. The church had a red door.
Kerrie Palmer